We are a movement experimenting new residential models.
We believe in innovation, collaboration and sustainability.
We are the makers of the access to housing.

We are the Italian node of the European Community Land Trust network.
We participate in the international platform, Wetraders.
We are a not-for-profit social enterprise, made of professionals,
with solid experience in the fields of participatory urban design and
socially oriented property management.
We arise from the experiences of TRA-Architettura Condivisa and Fondazione Benvenuti in Italia.
We met in 2012 to give birth to the co-operative community project Buena Vista.

Ideas4change award
United Nations

Innovative startup
Ministry of Economic Development

Spin-off of the
Turin Polytechnic University

“FaciliTo Giovani”
Torino Social Innovation

Think for Social
Vodafone Foundation

“Programma Housing”
Compagnia di San Paolo

The house we dream of, not the place we find
We co-ordinate shared planning paths: together we conceive new housing solutions, freer, cheaper, eco-friendlier, more beautiful, with more common spaces and services.

Low access cost
Joint purchase, rent-to-buy, temporary housing, community land trust.
Customised spaces
Tailored design and development, options to manage part of the building process independently.
Easy maintenance and low upkeep costs
Robust buildings, durable materials, limited resource consumption.
High environmental performance and energy saving
Use of renewable energy, low-consumption design, eco-friendly materials.
Modularity and flexibility
Housing typologies and building techniques making future changes simple.
Good neighbourhood
Social management, shared services, common goods.

We walk new roads
In Homers you will find help in creating innovative models and services to access housing, based upon the active involvement of future residents.

Joining forces
We make it possible for people interested in shared housing projects to meet and create participatory residential projects, going beyond the traditional logic of property brokerage.
Choosing our neighbours
From the first meeting with the future neighbours to the architecture of spaces, we guide the future resident communities to the access to housing and to shared design of the spaces and services.
Finding the right deal
We identify the best building opportunities, reusing dismissed estates and areas, with zero land consumption, actively creating urban regeneration.
Creating the right home for us
We guide the group of residents throughout the transformation of spaces into housing solutions adequate to everyone’s needs and wishes.
Doing everything at best
We organise the relationships with suppliers, construction companies, agencies and institutions, as well as buying groups for materials, techniques, services and innovative solutions.
Thinking only about living
We offer the resident communities integrated management services, condominium administration and social management of the interventions realised.

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